Beginners Industrial Guide

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As a budding Industrialist you are embarking on an often overlooked but essential and valuable component to the sandbox. Your journey into industry can take many paths and be long. Or it may bring you into the folds of a larger player Corporation as they seek your skills. This guide will explain how to get started on this journey and how to set yourself up for success in the long run, as well as have a rewarding early-game career.

Paths of the Industrialist

A so-called "Industrialist" is usually a player that does one or many of the following:

  • Mining
  • Harvesting
  • Artifacting (See Exploration guide)
  • Producing
  • Hauling/Logistics
  • Marketing

Often people will combine these, even on one character, as many of the robot types and skills will overlap. But this does scale well too with more players. All of these activities also can be done through the Assignments system. Where instead of engaging with other players and the open world market, you will be paid for a discrete task. The resources you gather or things you produce won't contribute to the open world, but will be consumed by the Assignment hand-in.


Manufacturing is a multi-stage process and can be very complex but extremely rewarding. It is often the main drive of industrialists so we will cover this topic in detail first.

Production has several stages:

  1. Acquire Raw Materials (via market orders, or gathering yourself: see mining & harvesting)
  2. Refine raw material into Commodities at the Refinery
  3. Acquire Kernels to unlock Research nodes (optional for some goods!!)*
  4. Prototype the researched item at the Prototyping Facility (optional for some goods!!)*
  5. Reverse Engineer the Prototype at the Reverse-engineering Facility
  6. Install the Calibration Template (CT) in the Factory
  7. Start producing the items!

*The big secret for starting as an industrialist is to skip the big expensive up-front costs of research and prototyping! There are goods you can Reverse Engineer directly from the produced form - and do not have a prototype! These are:

All you need to do is purchase 1 Manufactured Unit (1 module, 1k ammo) from the market and a Decoder to reverse engineer and produce a CT! These items are often sold by infinite NPC sell orders so they are easy to acquire and easy to make.

Choosing what to produce

The next most important thing for a beginner industrialist is carefully choosing what to make first to generate the most revenue - to fuel your industrial rise and dominate the markets! Ammos are always in high demand as they are quickly expended on the battlefield or the mining fields! Use the Market analysis tabs like Rates or Remote Markets to see how much and where certain ammos are selling. In the Market Rates tab, look at the volumes of what is purchased to see how much is moving. If you see a lot of bars with high numbers, that is a hot ammo market! You will probably observe most just buy the NPC ceiling order price, so all you need to do is post a Sell Order just below, and automatically you will be the go-to source for ammo.