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Perpetuum Online features a number of mechanics common to open-world PVP sandbox MMOs that you will need to understand and anticipate to steadily work your way up in the game.

Notably, when you die you lose everything on your robot, including the robot, and will spawn at your Home Base. This will happen no matter who kills you, player or NPC, and no matter where you are.

There are zones safe from Open PVP, but there are still aggressive NPCs and even passive NPC spawns that might overtake you unexpectedly.

Despite your, or anyone else's, best efforts: Death is Inevitable.

This guide will provide some key tips on how to die, how to mitigate death losses, and how to avoid unnecessary risks.

Don't fly what you can't afford to lose

This mantra dictates that a player should not undock in a robot that - should they lose it - would mean a catastrophic set back for the player to regain those assets.

So before you leave Terminal, ask yourself: "Can I afford to lose this robot and everything on it?"

Of course it is never good to lose anything. But if you understand there is always the possibility, this mantra will be an important gut-check before embarking onto the surface of Nia.

Know the risks!

Perpetuum is a deep and complex game built around a central concept of Risk and Reward. The greater the Risk: the greater the Reward.

As such different islands, NPCs, assignments, and other mechanics will have variable amounts of risk and reward, and its important to know what you are getting yourself into first.

PVP Risk: Open PVP and Closed PVP Zones

  • Alpha Islands are Closed PVP zones. You can only engage in PVP if you decide to PVP-Flag yourself.
  • Beta Islands are Open PVP zones. You can shoot and be shot by any player, at anytime, for any reason, with zero consequences for the victor. There is no crime/punishment system.

PVE Risk: NPCs

NPCs come in all varieties of types, classes, levels/difficulties, and roam in different size groups. NPCs will "aggro" against you or a player if you aggress them or approach within a certain range depending on their outward behavior type.

NPC Behavior Types

  • Orange NPCs: aggro only if targeted, shot, or any active module is used on them.
  • Red NPCs: aggro based on proximity and visibility on nearby players.

NPCs can be roaming, static, or dynamically spawned. Dynamically spawned NPCs might be Orange, but can land pre-aggressed against you or a player that triggered a particular event.

Most NPCs will drop aggro if you run far enough away and drop locks on them. This is the best way to survive an NPC encounter that you can not defeat!

Establish a sustainable career

No matter what you do in Perpetuum, you can make NIC doing it. Whether its through assignments or the market, someone will pay you for the fruits of your labor.

Understand how much time you need to do something to recover enough NIC to purchase what you have. Think about acquiring backup assets so losing one won't effect your income potential.

Don't over-extend

You might get cocky, thinking you can sneak onto a Beta island and harvest some wild Noralgis, or mine some Flux or Epriton. And you might get away with it too!

But ask yourself: for how long until someone finds you?

If you want to take on more Risk, think about how to Mitigate it.

Risk mitigation

Fly what you can pay for 10x over

Let's say you want to go onto Beta. Should you use your best robot with the highest tech gear you have? NO!

If you enter Beta, you are taking on enormous risk of losing your robot to PVP or even deadlier PVE threats on beta islands.

While the reward is much greater, nothing is stopping you from using cheaper, more available/replaceable gear.

Instead of using the Gargoyle with T4 Harvesters, consider using a Cronus with T1 Harvesters. Some Noralgis is better than no Noralgis.

Think about the number of trips/cycles to pay for what you are risking. It might take 5 trips to pay for that Gargoyle, but maybe a Cronus can pay for itself with just one run onto Beta!

Now you can mine/harvest/explore in the peace-of-mind knowing that you've already made more profit than you can ever lose. So when you do lose that robot, you still come out with more than you put in.

Fly with Friends

The single best way to counter PVP is with your own PVP!

Joining a player Corporation, setting up a squad for support, intel, scouting and defense, are invaluable steps to providing a greater network of support for your progress in the game.

Players can help eachother overcome obstacles common to the new player experience: getting bigger better equipment, learning more nuances and tips about the game. The list of benefits is endless!

Remember: you can always fallback to Alpha

Maybe you want to go solo, or don't want to deal with PVP. Alpha is where it is at!

There is still a lot of profit potential and high demand for common goods found on Alpha islands. There is no shame in mining Titan ore for some fast NIC in the safety of the Alpha islands. There are still plenty of big and challenging NPC spawns on Alpha too, including special Bosses, and even Strongholds!