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Organic Incubators

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Mobile teleports

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Field container

Field containers are deployed in the field for temporary protected storage using Field container capsules. Those capsules are single-use and cannot be picked up but they are very cheap and present on every outpost.

Upon deployment, a 4-digit password is required. You can everyone in your squad can access the container without the password, but a random password will protect you from curious (or hostile) passerby.

Field contrainer, once deployed, has an infinite storage and a lifetime of 1 hour. However, interacting with container in any way (even just opening for viewing) will reset the timer, making sure you dont need to redeploy them for an arbitrary reason. Field containers cannot be destroyed by any means.

They are most commonly used for mining operations, but sometimes as a way to deny loot on the battlefield if your side is losing.

Teleport Attractor Ports (TAPs)

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Proximity probes

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Explosive devices

There are 2 kinds of bombs in the game. Their function is similar, only thing differing is cost, size and damage.

Several bombs can be deployed in the same space, and be activated by a single player.

Once deployed, the bomb(s) needs to be activated to start the explosion cycle and before it's activated, it can be destroyed by anyone who might object to being blown up. Activation takes 20 seconds, and if the player leaves a very short activation range, it will be reset. Once activated, explosion prep takes 15 additinonal seconds, warning anyone in the area with distinctive sound and effect. All bombs have a base range (optimal) of 20 meters where they do full damage, and the range in the stat sheet actually refers to optimal+falloff range.

Bombs have a lot of same stats as robots, such as signal masking, armor and surface hit size. The hitpoints are nominal but hit size is rather small so medium and large turrets might take a while to take down a bomb. Missiles will have no trouble however.

Volume Base


Falloff Armor Surface








Chemical bomb 2 U 20 m 30 m 50 HP 2 m 20 m 1000 30
Plasma bomb 7.5 U 20 m 130 m 50 HP 2 m 10 m 14000 10

Deployable structrures

Concrete layer - see Terraforming

Defensive Wall Unit - part of the beta defensive structures. Can be used to block off passages.

Forcefield gate - part fo the beta defensive structures. Can be used to let only your corporation through.

Wall maintenance units

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