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Modules are fitted on your tobot to perform a certain function. There are 2 broad categories, passive and active

Passive modules are always providing their benefit (speed, resistance, sensor strength, etc)

Active modules usually require accumulator to be activated (armor repairers, shields...) and can also require a target (guns, ECM..)

They also are different in their performance, based on the tier of the module. Details are listed in the module descriptions or on the wiki, but there are general rules as well.

Module tiers
Tier Power level


S -50% Usually lowest fitting cost and are basically free, making some items a nice slot-filler.

Performance is abysmal, don't consider them unless you're really tight on fitting.

T0 -20% Equal to T1 in fitting, much worse in everything else
T1 0% Basic mods, easy to procure, cheap, pretty easy to fit. Baseline for all other modules.
T2 0% T2 are easier to fit than T1, and weigh less offering a speed advantage. Performance is equal to T1
T3- +15% Niani mods (T3-) are usually harder to fit (like T4 or worse) while having very similar toT3 performance.

Their unique feature is lower module mass which comes very handy for modules like Plates or Shields

T3 +15% T3 are equal in T1 in fitting while offering a significant performance improvement. Good for some fits
T4 +30% T4 are the typically used mass-produced modules, offering great performance

at a minor increase in fitting costs and weight compared to T1

Prot tier +2% Prototype items usually come with much lower mass than mass-produced items, lower acccumulator

consumption, higher ammo capacity and in certain cases a very small bonus in performance


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