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Derived from reverse engineered Nian tech, this human-made derivative is cheap but not as effective as native models.


The big brother of the Locust in every way, employing the same self-adjusting armor plating technology and stabilized machine guns. Syndicate generals usually like to put the Echelon where it belongs: to the forefront of intense battles.

Extension Requirements and Bonuses

Extension Level Required Bonus Value per level
Advanced Robotics 1 Medium firearms damage 3%
Firearms falloff increase 3%
Combat robot specialist 3 Hit dispersion -2%
Syndicate robot control 5 Armor HP +1%
Surface hit size -0.10 m
Toxic damage modifier 1%


Stat Value Stat Value
Main stats Slots
Speed 89.28 kph Head slots 5
Armor 3080 HP Leg slots 5
Accumulator 2050 AP Chassis slots 4
Cargo 9 U Gun slots 4
CPU 250 TF Missile slots 0
Reactor 900 RP Industrial slots 0
Slope Capacity 45° Misc slots 2
Defence Targeting
Surface hit size 10 m Sensor strength 130 Hw³
Chemical damage resistance 45 pts Locking range 300 m
Kinetic damage resistance 45 pts Locking time 12.5 s
Seismic damage resistance 45 pts Max locked targets 5
Thermal damage resistance 45 pts Signal detection 130 rf
Demobilizer resistance 0 % Signal masking 110 rf
Accumulator recharge time 420 s
Accumulator stability 8
Interference emission 6
Interference emission radius 300
Interference minimum 90
Interference peak 335
Robot volume 20 U

Common uses

Being a big brother of the Locust, it mostly shares the same fate. Sneaky (especially for a mech), relatively cheap and can have a good passive tank thanks to extra leg slot, but underappreciated. The biggest flaws are probably the speed and accumulator, making is cumbersome to field and supply. For PVE, it doesn't have anything going for it neither, except the cheap price of bot.


There is no MK2 variation of Syndicate bots