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An activity of finding hidden treasures underneath the Nia's surface.

In-game help (updated)

There are not just useful industrial materials but also artifacts under the surface of Nia. These artifacts can be revealed by using geoscanners, but you need to load special artifact scanner charges. These charges come in three variants, with different scanning ranges.

After you've purchased a bunch of these charges (finding an artifact will need quite a lot of charges) deploy onto the terrain and activate your geoscanner loaded with the new charge. You can then see a list with all the artifacts that are within your scanning range. In case this list is empty, move your robot somewhere else and perform another scan.

At first you can only see a distance from the artifact. To determine the location, you should choose a direction, move a few hundred meters and perform another scan. On the new, updated list you can see the distance(s) changed, you are either closer or farther from the artifact. Follow this method over and over again until you get so close to the artifact that it appears on the terrain (this distance is usually 25 meters). To help keep track of the artifact you desire, you can also left-click an artifact on the result list, which will mark it with a yellow color. It is also important to note that the geoscanning accuracy affects these range readings as well, and they might not be accurate below 100% accuracy. The type of artifacts vary, but revealing artifacts is the only way to obtain items of the ancient Niani civilization (T3-), or the calibration template capsules (CTs) of the new, advanced Mk2 robots. Of course there's no guarantee that you always find something useful.

Artifacts on the terrain are seeded for individual Agents, no one else can see the artifact that you are searching for. Some artifacts are protected by tough NPC robots, so you should always be prepared to defend yourself.