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Complete the Tutorial

First things first, you need to complete the tutorial if you haven't done so already. It is recommended that you experiment, play around, and get familiar with the UI and systems during the tutorial. If you are stuck, you can watch the video to see how to get to the next objective. Or you can skip the tutorial altogether - but this is not advised as you will not cover basic gameplay concepts and miss out on the rewards!

Common Tutorial FAQs

Can I skip the tutorial?

  • Yes, but you shouldn’t as it covers most of the basic mechanics of the game and exposes you to a number of activities that you might know to try.  You are also awarded for completing things in the tutorial - finish the tutorial and get several bots, with modules, and ammo to jump start your entrance onto Nia!

How do I skip the tutorial?

  • Don't, but if you must here is how: Complete the first few objectives, activate your Arkhe, undock, and walk towards the desired exit of the Faction you would like to start as.

How do I complete the tutorial?

  • Follow the Rookie Checklist.  This window should be open by default when you arrive.  It can be minimized to the bottom bar, click there to expand it.  You may also open the Rookie Checklist via the Help menu (left of the Options and Logout buttons on the top bar). Follow each objective and read carefully what it asks you to do.  Be careful to not skip ahead or fall out of sequence.

Where is the artifact?

  • Under the spinning building past the heliotropis fields.

What Faction should I pick?

Picking a starting faction determines only what bots and skills you are given when you exit the tutorial, you can always train other skills as you earn EP. You may find it more efficient to focus on one or few factions or bot-types.

Can I return to the tutorial island?

  • No not with the same Character, but you can always review the Rookie Checklist in-game via the Help menu.  You may also create another character to leave them in tutorial and use it as a testing/sandbox for anything you are curious about! Once a Character exits the tutorial, it can not return. So having an alt Character in the tutorial can be helpful.

Choosing a Path

Disclaimer for Choice

Once you have finished the tutorial you will be asked to choose from one of four paths. It is important to note that this will give you a few starting robots of minor value, as well as a couple of extensions automatically assigned for you. Although the starting robots and extensions will be a great help to begin your journey, they are largely irrelevant in the big picture, so don't worry too much about wanting to do something else later on in the game. After you get experience, earning additional EP and NIC will become easy, and you can branch out into the game however you would like, regardless of your starting choice.

Pelistal (Green) Path

Pelistal combat robots specialize in missiles and shields. They reward positioning and tactically clever pilots. Missiles have a distinct advantage over the other two types in that they can shoot over terrain, as well as adjusting distance based on ammo instead of weapon choice. Although there is still major advantages to fully committing to a short range or long range fit, the ability to adjust on the fly cannot be neglected. In general, Pelistal hit hard and slow, with a good assortment of ranged and close combat options. The Pelistal EW robots specialize in draining and neutralizing opponents accumulators.

Nuimqol (Blue) Path

Nuimqol combat robots specialize in speed, survivability, and damage. They excel in small engagements, surviving, and initiating combat. The Nuimqol weapon of choice is their magnetic turrets. They have the highest damage output, but are generally shorter range than the other classes. Nuimqol EW robots specialize in ECM technology, causing other robots to lose their target locks.

Thelodica (Yellow) Path

Thelodica combat robots specialize in long range and resistance. They are a good mix between speed, range, survivability, and damage output. The Thelodica weapon of choice are laser turrets. Their weapons have the longest range and quickest cycle time (they shoot the fastest). Thelodica EW robots specialize in sensor suppression, causing opposing robots to have much harder times locking their opponents.

Industrial (Indy) Path

Industrial robots specialize in mining, harvesting, and hauling. Although you will need help from your combat counterparts, industrial bots are the backbone of production in Nia. Industrial robots sport mining modules, harvesting modules, and large cargo capacities for carrying resources. Industrial robots also have strong abilities on the battlefield holding repair modules, energy transfers, and other logistics. Some Industrial robots are also useful in exploration.

Choose some Goals

Disclaimer for Goals

There are a near endless possibility of things you can do in this game. That is the beauty of a player driven sandbox game. These goals are recommendations to get yourself situated and started in the game, and generally will make you have an easier time transition into doing whatever you want to do. By no means is anything in this game required, if you want to go try and take an island over with a brand new character and nothing but sheer will, you can try that. It may fail, it may never work, but you can try and do anything you want as long as it brings you enjoyment; however, most people enjoy progression and success, and that is what these goals are laid out to accomplish.

Surviving on Nia

Now you will enter the main game world of Nia seeded with bots and skills of your chosen faction. Depending on what you pick, you will want to read up on more on those activities and how to excel at them. No matter what you do, there is danger in the world of Nia, from aggressive NPCs to other players defending their captured lands. If you are new to this type of open-world sandbox game, it is highly recommended you read the following guide: