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Extension points

In Perpetuum, the character development does not depend only on completed missions or killed enemies. Every Agent receives a daily package of 1440 Extension Points (EP), which can be spent to install and upgrade extensions. The distribution of the daily EP packages happens at a fixed time of day, which is 8:00 server time. There is no requirements to log in regularly to receive it

The number of extension points required to upgrade can be calculated by multiplying together the following terms:

  • a base number of 60
  • extension multiplier (in square brackets next to the information icon)
  • the level to which you are upgrading
  • a further multiplier of 2 if level is six, 3 if level is seven, 4 if level is eight, 5 if level is nine and 10 if level is ten

EP Multiplier

EP multiplier does what it implies, it multiplies all EP you receive from activities by the number of multiplier. All new players get an x25 multiplier that linearly tapers and reachers 1 as they approach 1 million EP.

A higher multiplier can be obtained from EP boosters, or an occasional server-wide event.

EP Boosters

EP boosters can be obtained from a few high-level enemies like Pitboses or from the Syndicate shop

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