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Class: Assault robot specialized in exploration


The Nians apparently don't care much for their own history, so there wasn't any specialized robot that we could use as our own to discover underground artifacts.

However, with the use of hybrid technologies we were able to build the Hermes - an assault robot that is not only equipped with accurate and high range underground sensors, but also has ample combat capabilities to defend itself when facing an ambush.

Extension Requirements and Bonuses

Extension Level Required Bonus Value per level
Basic robotics 4
  • Firearms damage
  • Artifact scanning range
  • Geoscanner accuracy
  • +3%
  • +3%
  • +3%
Industrial robot specialist 2
  • -2%
  • +2 pts
Syndicate combat robot control 3
  • +1%
  • -0.075 m
Syndicate industrial robot control 3 - -


Stat Value Stat Value
Main stats Slots
Speed 108 kph Head slots 3
Armor 800 HP Leg slots 3
Accumulator 450 AP Chassis slots 4
Cargo 20 U Gun slots 4
CPU 120 TF Missile slots 0
Reactor 300 RP Industrial slots 2
Slope Capacity 56° Misc slots 4
Defence Targeting
Surface hit size 4.5 m Sensor strength 100 Hw³
Chemical damage resistance 30 pts Locking range 200 m
Kinetic damage resistance 45 pts Locking time 12.5 s
Seismic damage resistance 45 pts Max locked targets 3
Thermal damage resistance 45 pts Signal detection 90 rf
Demobilizer resistance 0 % Signal masking 110 rf
Accumulator recharge time 240 s
Accumulator stability 4
Interference emission 4
Interference emission radius 175
Interference minimum 60
Interference peak 200
Robot volume 20 U

Common uses

Hermes is commonly used for artifacting and exploration. However, thanks to high evasion, good speed and ability to field medium machineguns, it can be surprisinlgy effective in PVP, especially with support.


There is no MK2 variation of Syndicate bots