How to contribute

From Open Perpetuum

If you just want to write a correction, addition or a new article

  • Just do it. Register and edit away. The edits will show after an editor approves it. Make sure it follows the Rules.
  • After a while you might be promoted to be able to edit page tags and a few other features might be enabled
  • There is moderation enabled so don't bother vandalizing pages. Thanks.

  If you want to join as a contributor (Confirmed User) to the wiki:

  1. Read the entirety of the Rules. There are no further rules but please be civil.
  2. Register HERE
  3. Let us know in the #op-help chat with your wiki username, an Editor will sort you out

If you wish to join the wiki team as an Editor, please do the following:

  1. Read the entirety of the Rules. You will be curating other people’s content and we need to do it right. Also, you have to be a member of OPP Community Team to join as Editor (for now)
  2. Register HERE
  3. Confirm your account via email link
  4. Ping @JLish on discord, in #op-com-wiki, mention the username you chose for the wiki, I will give you roles and confirm it in discord.
  5. That’s it, you can start writing articles and review the edits. You can use help pages if you’re struggling with some concepts on the wiki, or ask @JLish for clarification.

  To get a person on board as a Confirmed User (for editors):

  1. Preferably, chat with the person, and see if they can follow our rules.
  2. Link them to our Rules (or edited version for joining, if we make it at a later date)
  3. After they register, go  User Rights Special page, type in their username
  4. Add a “confirmed user” group, specify their in-game name in Reason field (if it’s different from wiki name)
  5. Save user groups