List of abbreviations

From Open Perpetuum

List here commonly known jargon, e.g.

  • EP - Extension Points, used for upgrading extensions.
  • NIC - Nian Credit (currency in game).
  • LWF - Lightweight Frame, A popular module used to make robots lighter and faster at the expense of durability.
  • Proto - Prototype (item) or prototyping, an industrial process.
  • CT - Calibration Template, a recipe-like item used in production.
  • EWar - Electronic warfare
  • EnWar - Energy warfare
  • SAP - Service Access Point - these sites play an important role in Beta island outpost control.
  • TP, tele - Teleport, A method of fast travel. Can be fixed structures from one point to another, or deployed field devices.
  • TAP - Teleport Attractor Ports. See PVE for more details.
  • Stab - Weapon Stabilizer
  • Demob/Point - Demobilizer, used to decrease the speed of another robot.
  • Tuning - Head slot module that enhances the abilities of other modules (ex. Industrial Tuning increases miner and harvester yield)
  • MK2 - An upgraded variant of a robot. Generally bolsters higher cpu and reactor, as well as a bonus based on the Hi-tech robot specialist extension.