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Derived from reverse engineered Nian tech, this human-made derivative is cheap but not as effective as native models.


Exceptional energy output and defense capabilities - two traits that turn this heavy mech into an indispensable powerhouse on the battlefield. The Metis is the holy grail of remote support, which usually makes it a primary target in the eyes of enemy commanders.

Extension Requirements and Bonuses

Extension Level Required Bonus Value per level
Advanced Robotics 4
  • Armor repair accu usage
  • Armor repair amount
  • Transferred energy
  • -2%
  • +5%
  • +3%
Industrial robot specialist 1
  • Accumulator stability
  • +5%
Syndicate industrial robot control 8
  • Shield absorption
  • +3%


Stat Value Stat Value
Main stats Slots
Speed 61.2 kph Head slots 4
Armor 2850 HP Leg slots 4
Accumulator 3250 AP Chassis slots 6
Cargo 21 U Gun slots 1
CPU 450 TF Missile slots 1
Reactor 825 RP Industrial slots 5
Slope Capacity 45° Misc slots 4
Defence Targeting
Surface hit size 23 m Sensor strength 85 Hw³
Chemical damage resistance 30 pts Locking range 210 m
Kinetic damage resistance 45 pts Locking time 12.5 s
Seismic damage resistance 45 pts Max locked targets 4
Thermal damage resistance 45 pts Signal detection 75 rf
Demobilizer resistance 0 % Signal masking 95 rf
Accumulator recharge time 360 s
Accumulator stability 8
Interference emission 4
Interference emission radius 200
Interference minimum 75
Interference peak 340
Robot volume 31 U

Common uses

Metis is a fairly common logistics bot for med-large operations. It can boast great repair output and yet able to tank well. Rarely seen outside of a group, it is usually a sign of groups' serious intentions.


There is no MK2 variation of Syndicate bots