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What is Open Perpetuum

The Open Perpetuum Project is a community-run, volunteer, open source development project and server for Perpetuum Online. Volunteers from the Perpetuum game community started this project in 2017 after the announcement of the shutdown and open-sourcing of the server. The OPP server went live April 14, 2018 and is continuously adding features and fixing issues, for free!

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What is Perpetuum Online

Perpetuum Online is an open-world sci-fi sandbox MMORPG with robots, open pvp, player-built items, player-driven economy, player built and capturable bases and a lot more! It is most similar to games like: Eve Online, Albion, and others. Perpetuum was developed by Avatar Creations ( and the official server ran from 2010-2018. If you need to contact AC, please find their contact info on their website. At this time, AC (via their publisher) sells and maintains the game client exclusively sold on Steam here:

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