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OPP Beautification Project

Contributed by GlitchyGirl (!


Download ZIP

How to Use

Follow the README!

1) Install ReShade_Setup_4.9.1-MOD.exe (provided in ZIP)

1A) You'll then see a box prompting you to go and select a game and manage it's Reshade installation. - Proceed to your Perpetuum folder and select, "Perpetuum.exe"

1B) "Which Rendering API does Perpetuum use?" - Here you'll want to click on the option for Direct3d 9. If the "dot" is selected, click it anyway to get the dialog to progress to the next step.

1C) Click on "Edit Reshade Settings"

* Once you are here, you'll click on the three dots to the right of the preset setting. Once clicked, you'll navigate to your perpetuum folder and pick the file called ReShadePresets.ini. * Next, you'll want to click on the three dots next to Effects Path. Again, go to your Perpetuum folder. This time however, you'll create a folder called, "Shaders" and then select this folder for your textures path. * After this, you'll do the same thing for the Textures path box. You will then create a folder named, "Textures". * Finally you'll be prompted to create a screen shot folder. You can make a new one if you'd like, or just use the existing one. (I just use the regular screenshots folder in Perpetuum's directory xD)

Optional - you can click on skip tutorial if you don't want to do this. You won't need to worry about this too much if you don't plan on tweaking it later.

* Go ahead and click okay, and click out of any open reshade boxes that might be there.

1D) Now go back to the OPBP Folder, so that we can get the shaders (what will help beautify your Perpetuum! ) in place!

*Now you will want to overwrite the ReShadePreset.ini that was made by the installer with the one provided in the OPBP zip file. This file contains the settings that the various shaders will use which have been tweaked to the best of my ability to help give Perpetuum the facelift it deserves. ♥

*Now copy the contents of the Shaders directory included in the zip file into the Shaders directory you made in step 1C. *Do the same fore the Textures Directory. You will want to go ahead and go to the folder titled,"UIMASK PICK ONE TO DROP IN TEXTURES" folder and pick the mask that matches your resolution. If you do not see one that matches your resolution, either resize the provided PNG file to fit your resolution (it's best to resize from bigger to smaller!) or ask in Discord. And I'm sure I, or someone else in there will be happy to help!

2) Setting up Perpetuum to work well with Reshade!

2A) Start up Perpetuum! * Click on Options. What we want to do here is set Anti-aliasing to off, because we will be using reshade instead to replace the graphics and make things look a bit nicer! * !!Optional!! You can also disable Shadows too, because we will be using MXAO to create some nicer looking shadows. :) If you like the shadows as they are, that's okay too. We want you to enjoy what looks best to you! The same for Anisotropic filtering. You can turn it off since reshade will be replacing our effects with that. But if you feel it looks better, it wont hurt anything to leave it on.

2B) You will now want to restart Perpetuum if it didn't already ask you. That way we can continue without AA.

2C) Hit the "Home" key. * If reshade was sucessfully set up, this will bring up the reshade menu. Now before we do anything, because Perpetuum is a bit weird, we'll want to go to the right most tab labeled "D3D9". * Next you'll want to click the button that says , "Copy depth buffer before clear operations". If you do not, it won't be able to read the depth buffer, and as a result nothing that works on shadows, or lighting will work as it should.

* Go back to the, "Home" tab. If the ini file was copied correctly, you should see the following things selected. Delc_Sharpen, FXAA, UIMask_Top (You only need this if you are using RTGI), RTGlobalIlluimination (you will only see this if you downloaded the RTGI shader and added these files mentioned in instruction 1E.). UIMask_Bottom, and MXAO.

*OPTIONAL STEP* You can go back to settings and set an effect toggle key. This lets you turn the effects on and off so you can see what the game looks like with, and without the effects, or if you justs want to turn off the effects. (I personally have my set to Insert). You can also do the same to set a screenshots key. (I have mind bound so I can share the before and after screenshots, so people can see what the effects do \o/)

2D) Hit home to close that, and log into the game as normal, and enjoy!

  • NOTE* If I've missed anything, or something is unclear let me know! This is my first time writing out instructions and packaging something like this for folks. I hope this helps you enjoy the game a bit more! - GlitchyGirl ♥