Resource Gathering

From Open Perpetuum

Resource Gathering has two main forms:

  • Mining
  • Harvesting

Each has a variety of different materials yielded from these activities, and each has varieties that are found in different amounts on different island types.


Mining involves scanning down a field which is not visible to the naked eye with a Geoscanner and ore-specific scanner charges. Upon finding the field, you lock the tiles you see with your tile-scanner results with your Miner Modules loading with an ore-specific miner ammo and activate the modules. Depending on the type of the ore, the following will happen:

  1. Solid ores will deplete tile-by-tile as you target each and mine it until it is empty.
  2. Liquid ores will draw from the whole field and your miner can run continuously so long as you have cargo for the ore.

For this reason the liquid type ores tend to be of lesser value as they are less challenging to mine.


Harvesting involves looking for harvestable plants which is only done visually as you move around the islands. Plants will have a maximum number of "harvestable cycles" indicated by a yellow number in parenthesis. Target the plant and activate a Harvester Module with Universal Harvester Charges.