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The wiki has a fairly simple role structure of roles right now.

There are Administrators (people on the team) with full access,

Editors (role granted by Administrators) who have editing and approval access to pages

and Confirmed Users (can be assigned by Editors or Administrators from trusted community members) who can edit and create the pages. Until verified, their revision will be temporary and can be easily reverted by either Editors and Administrators using Page History
And finally, regular Users. They can create pages, upload content but every edit must be approved by an Editor before it showed up. It will not show until then to prevent anonymous vandalism.

Content policy

No personal attacks, against an entity (corp, group, coalition\etc) or player.

No inappropriate language

Improve pages wherever you can, and don't worry about leaving them imperfect. It is advisable to explain major changes.

Articles should be written as unbiased as possible, with facts and stats from the game wherever possible.

Article must not contain any  unreleased or outdated information the the time of publication or revision


Future Lore pages and tactics are fairly fluid in nature, and while it would be great to keep them unbiased, I would leave it to the Editor's best judgement.

Article creation

New articles can be created at any time for any reasonable topic. Editors have a right to delete or revert a page, however if it breaks the scope of the OPP project (discussions of other games, IRL topics, etc)

Article approval

Articles will be published as soon as they are saved by any Confirmed User, but unless they are written by the Editor, they will be marked "unapproved" in article History. Editors should review the article, based on the Content Policy.  After that, they should either roll back the changes and recommend edits, or approve the article. If there is a dispute, it should be resolved via a request to acting Wiki Lead (either in Talk pages or in Discord).

Article disputes

Disputes between Editors and\or Confirmed Users on the page content will be reviewed by Wiki Lead (presently JLish)