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Movement and positioning is everything on Nia. If you're in the right place in the right time, and know what do do there, that means you can do more than your opponent.

Also it means much faster journeys across the landscape.

Generally, the fastest bots are the EWar light bots, and among all bots Nuimqol have a higher speed. This makes Nuimqol Light EW, Cameleon, the fastest bot out there.

Mass[edit | edit source]

Mass affects the speed of bots on Nia in the same way it might here on Earth. Only the mass of the modules fitted counts, however, cargoholds posess a special technology that insulates them from the robot and does not affect it's speed.

So if you fit heavy modules like long-range guns, armor, repairers, etc you speed will reduce significatly. Reduction is relative to base mass of the robot, so if you're using a heavier robot, or an MK2 variant, the effect of speed reduction will be smaller

Lightweight Frame[edit | edit source]

Lightweight frames increase your speed considerably but reduce the shielding offered to internal structure, making demobilizers much more effective on your robot, and reduce the overall protection of the bot. That tradeoff is usually worth it however since you can get back HP with the use of plates and still maintain some of the speed bonus.

Module Tech Level CPU use Reactor use Speed


Mass Armor

hit points



Flawed lightweight frame T0 5 TF 2 RP +3% 2 kg -27.50% -25%
Standard lightweight frame T1 5 TF 2 RP +15% 2 kg -27.50% -25%
MR-1000 Boogey lightweight frame T2 5 TF 2 RP +17% 2 kg -27.50% -25%
MR-1000 Boogey lightweight frame prototype T2P 5 TF 2 RP +17% 1.50 kg -26.50% -20%
Niani lightweight frame T3- 8 TF 4 RP +20% 2 kg -27.50% -25%
Eizbiogh-DFG20 lightweight frame T3 6 TF 3 RP +20% 2 kg -27.50% -25%
Eizbiogh-DFG20 lightweight frame prototype T3P 6 TF 3 RP +20% 1.50 kg -26.50% -25%
MRE 3000 lightweight frame T4 7 TF 3 RP +25% 2 kg -27.50% -25%
MRE 3000 lightweight frame prototype T4P 7 TF 3 RP +25% 1.50 kg -26.50% -25%

Demobilization[edit | edit source]

Speed can be reduced by an external factor, usually a Demobilizer. Full more information in the article

Formulas[edit | edit source]

Mass\Speed relation[edit | edit source]

  • Speed = (Total Mass/Base Mass)*Base Mass*LWF bonus

Demobilizer effect[edit | edit source]

  • WIP