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The main investor of the grandiose Perpetuum Project is the ruthless Syndicate. This organization is actually a union of the three most powerful and influential Terran megacorporations.

This planet - called Nia - is inhabited by three alien races, each struggling for the final victory. Members of the Syndicate have agreed on a unified strategy to keep the alien sides balanced and opposing on the old principle of “divide and conquer.” This agreement splits the planet into three spheres of interest, encouraging each megacorporation to act and expand in one of the three alien domains.


A traditional North American corporation, Truhold-Markson carries on the legacy of the world-dominating corporations which once ruled the world's consumer societies. An ideal employee is a super-efficient cog-wheel of the great Truhold-Markson machine, where the ultimate goal is profit and fame beyond belief.

Truhold-Markson intends to expand its influence in the decaying Pelistal Empire

ICS - Institute of Corporate Security

ICS had been one among the many institutes which later caused the coalition of EU and Russia to drown in a swamp of bureaucracy. The economic potential of the two regions were reunited by a handful of ambitious businessmen, turning ICS into a quasi-democratic, powerful association.

ICS plans to expand in the territory of the rebel race, the Nuimqol Union.


Based on skyrocketing Chinese industrial potential, Asintec became the dominant corporation in Asia with the assistance of the high-tech nations of Japan, Korea and India. Employees are expected to be disciplined and devoted.

According to the supplementary agreement, Asintec declared a full-scale offensive against the Thelodica Clan.