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Even amongst the Pelistal, Troiars are viewed with suspicion. They represent the eyes and ears of the Ictus, and beyond them, the masters of the Pelistal Empire. Swift and secretive, a Troiar on the battlefield ensures two things: first, that the endurance of the bots facing the Troiar’s forces will be tested, and second, that the Pelistal Empire itself has taken an interest in what you are doing.

Extension Requirements and Bonuses

Extension Level Required Bonus Value per level
Basic Robotics 3 Drained energy amount 5%
Neutralized energy amount 5%
Energy drainer optimal range 3%
Energy neutralizer optimal range 3%
Small missile damage 5%
Electronic warfare specialist 1 Signal Masking +2
Pelistal robot control 3 Accumulator recharge time 2%


Stat Value Stat Value
Main stats Slots
Speed 126 kph Head slots 3
Armor 675 HP Leg slots 3
Accumulator 425 AP Chassis slots 5
Cargo 3 U Gun slots 0
CPU 220 TF Missile slots 2
Reactor 175 RP Industrial slots 2
Slope Capacity 61° Misc slots 3
Defence Targeting
Surface hit size 4.5 m Sensor strength 100 Hw³
Chemical damage resistance 30 pts Locking range 325 m
Kinetic damage resistance 10 pts Locking time 12.5 s
Seismic damage resistance 45 pts Max locked targets 4
Thermal damage resistance 150 pts Signal detection 70 rf
Demobilizer resistance 0% Signal masking 115 rf
Accumulator recharge time 150 s
Accumulator stability 4
Interference emission 5
Interference emission radius 100
Interference minimum 100
Interference peak 350
Robot volume 10 U

Common uses

Troiar has very little use in PVE but widely used in PVP as a tackler, being able to outrun most bots and latch onto them with drainers to keep itself alive.


MK2 bot is an improved version of a normal bot. Typically, it recieves additional bonuses, better fitting space, 50% more cargo and slightly higher speed when equipped. MK2 bots also require at least level 1 of Hi-Tech Robot Specialist extension and recieve additional bonuses from this extension

Aside from statistical advantages, Troiar MK2 gets a 1% bonus to drained energy amount, 1% bonus to neutralized energy amount and a 1% bonus to shield absorption per level.